Good policy "exemption is to enjoy" and "charcoal in the snow" accurate and direct — when helping the enterprise relieve the rescue ②

  Without submitting the application materials, Dongsoft Medical System Co., Ltd. enjoyed the deduction and deduction of equipment appliances and halved preferential policies of stamp duty; Easily enjoy the policy dividend of about 60 million yuan.   More than these. "No, the 3 million yuan science and technology project supports funds to get the account immediately. According […]

Long Taimei’s figure came to the ground,He looked at the dragon rushing in the ground and gloomy.,The appearance of this thing has no doubt that the status of the dragon is hit.。

Dragon Day is moving down,He has emerged on a gas stream.,This airflow draws several words directly on the ground.。 “Sun Liudia has escaped,Escape the four people!” Long Taihuang heard the shadow,Sun Li Tian actually escaped,Escape the four-star strong, relatively uncomfortable。 “Sun Li Tian has escaped!” Looking at the word above,Unqualified master,Live Buddha,Tang no trace,Several people […]

In the future, she doesn’t want to live in the house.,She should play more and her lady.。

Disposable Su Seiming:“”The other three moments don’t dare to speak out.。 “Wife”An Ke immediately interrupted him:“Who is your wife?,I haven’t married you yet.。 ”The other three don’t dare to come out,They are the same situation。 Muzi, such as death,This wedding has time to do? “I made a decision,Go back to the day tomorrow。” Mu Ziyou […]

An Chaoyun was selected as "Xunpeng Selection Solution"!

The 2021 Gold and Silver Bronze Award winning plan, all based on the Kunpeng base for compatibility verification and full stack adjustment. It has performance competition advantages and commercial landing value. Industry, support and digital transformation of the industry. The leading cloud software providers have gathered the top cloud computing experts and senior engineers at […]

Summer is not easy to attach and have a sentence,http://www.uc-mall.cnAlso,“And like you and me,In front of the powerful power of the national machine,Capable,Will be easily crushed。”

“Ah。” Gan dry smile,“You don’t have to remind me,These two months,I know many of this world.。” Merely,Swift,“I heard the boss of this coffee house.,Is your red and known,It is said that it is a great forces from abroad.,right。” Summer is not laughing,“If you come to me, I am to chat.,Then I can’t accompany it.。” “Oh? […]


De Lisa said,Her birth is to resurrect sister,Han Jiang now reacted。 The script here is a bit different.,Otto is the grandfather of De Lisa,Han Jiang’s consciousness feels that it is called a sister by De Lisa,It should also be an experiminary body。 Carefully,The script and the owner are not very normal.,What special settings don’t have […]

Micro -step online Xue Feng: The industry that builds network security helps government users to know the other

Original title: Micro -step online Xue Feng: The industry that builds network security is facing the heart, helping government companies know that on April 29th, the ninth "Capital Network Security Day", the founder and CEO Xue Feng of the micro -step online. In recent years, in recent years, in recent years The accelerated evolution of […]

Unknown Mountain Thousands of Miles Away,The black unicorn is sleeping in a mountain col,When the mountains are shining,Its drooping ears suddenly stand up,One of the ears shakes a few times,Suddenly lifted his head slightly,Closed eyes slightly open,Look at the ruins of the underground palace not far away,Just a small change in this moment,So the surrounding air suddenly tense。

Someone is singing?It’s windy in the cold wind、Sound of indescribable meaning,The mane on the back of the black unicorn’s neck sprang up instantly,In the early morning when the first sun shines into the mountain col,The huge body of the black unicorn has disappeared where it was lying。 Still under the underground palace,Completely destroyed‘Demon Lord’In the […]