“You go away,I never want to see you again in my life。”Xia Shuyue doesn’t know what’s wrong,I feel sick when I see Zhao Luo。

“You are really pregnant?You are pregnant with his child?You tell me,Did he raise you?He takes money to open a shop for you,You help him give birth?”Zhao Lola stayed with Xia Shuyue who turned to leave,A series of questions。 Xia Shuyue casually slapped Zhao Luo on the face,“Bastard,Get out of here!” Xia Shuyue walked forward angrily,Zhao […]

Although it is welcome,But this“Xiaobu”Narrate,Facade:“Yes、Yes!Thank you for your grandmother、Thank……Son!”

It’s easy to say that,Wait until you reprimand his girl,At this time, take a vial to give him,It is more happy to bend the waist.。 Chu Deirers heard his head——Life and death、Three corpse God Dan is also、Leopard fetus is easy to pass,It seems that people who use this kind of thing,No one has good end。 […]

Open the clear heart spell,Xu Wan began to observe the second pattern,With the help of Gan Yifan, the formula of the heart method with pictures has been clarified,Reciting silently will do more with less。

Sky shines,The four veterans greeted the horizon with the first morning light。Xu Wan walked from the foot of the mountain to the sand dunes in the distance,Sit facing east,Take a pose。 The sun jumps out of the horizon,The four veterans end up talking,Each move their hands and feet in a certain range。 Taoist Ziyun is […]

When Xia Jian said this,,Unhappy。I can see what she said from her heart,Never pretended。

Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Everyone is busy,Besides, the nature of your class is quite special,Also you are married,It’s not convenient to call you all the time”Xia Jian tried his best to find excuses。 “Eccentric eye!My class is not special,Not married,Then why don’t you call me?”Chen Jing lightly punched Xia Jian,Asked angrily。 Xia […]

“I see it!I will wash outside in a while,How inconvenient in your home“Xia Jian whispered embarrassedly。

Jones one listen,Could not help but laughed:“Why are you such a big man?Don’t worry,Our bath is disinfected。and also,Apart from the nanny and Lu Ying,,No one else。My parents are abroad now,Don’t worry now!“ This is indeed what Xia Jian cares about most,Unexpectedly, Jones said it for him。Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t say anything,Took the bag and went into […]

The halo rushed towards the fruit。

But the situation is similar to what Leo encountered before,These halos will all dissipate when they are approaching the fruit.。 Hancock also became solemn now。 Her sweet and sweet wind is very strong,Even plants and trees will be petrified directly。 “There seems to be a barrier around this fruit,Absorbed our attacks!” Leo was slightly silent,He […]

“correct,I need my father to deal with it quickly……”Zhu Minglang said。

“Which girl has a big belly?”Zhu Tianguan asked。 “Please don’t be disrespectful,I’m talking about important matters,Lichuan Dadi,Does father know?”Zhu Minglang said。 “of course I know,This land is not as simple as it seems,Some more days,I’m afraid that many forces will get involved。”Zhu Tianguan said。 “What does father know?”Zhu Minglang is a little surprised。 Logically,Such a […]

Xia Jian’s phone rang,He took it out and took a look,The most Lin Wei called,Xia Jian connected,Just listen to Lin Wei on the phone:“President Xia!Where are you?Why haven’t you seen your figure until now?“

“Hi!I went back to Bucheon in an emergency last night,Tell Mr. Guo,I’ll be back in two days,You just cooperate with Mr. Guo,Learn from her“Xia Jian said with a smile on the phone。 Lin Wei heard that Xia Jian had returned to Fuchuan,She was surprised at first,Then he agreed,Then hung up。 Wang Lin glanced at Xia […]

I saw Li Haihu’s face full of cold,This is using his own law of ice,Also stretch out the left palm,Opposite to Li Hailong’s palm,Bang,Intersect。

Li Hailong floats away,Li Haihu stood still。 Li Hailong called out in shock:“This is not our Li family’s trick!” Chen Xiu saw Li Haihu make a counterattack,Almost“what”Called out,Even more surprised than Li Hailong! Because of the trick Li Haihu used, he will also,It is the boundless sea in Qingyun Sanshou! In the world,Only he and […]