China verhoogt de inspanningen van nieuwe kroonvaccinatie om de immunisatiebarrière van alle mensen te versnellen

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, 3 november: China verhoogt de nieuwe kroonvaccinatie om de constructie van de totale bevolking immunisatiebarrière Xinhua News Agency Reporter te versnellen met de verspreiding van Delta-stammen en de uitbreiding van de herfst en de winter, de uitbreiding van de verspreiding van de verspreiding . Sinds 17 oktober zijn er veel verschillende […]

Aksu specialty agricultural products debut in Hangzhou "Great Great Support Festival"

On August 18th, Hangzhou’s first "Great Association" – consumption helps large public welfare belt procurement activities, using digital communication, enriching the dishes of Hangzhou, helps common prosperity. It is reported that the event is organized by the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department (Civilization Office), hosted by the Hangzhou Guanjie Support and Regional Cooperation, aimed […]

Chinese complex in Serbian basketball coach

Original title: Chinese complex of Serbian basketball coach November 5 Repair 2 kilometers of roads? As a world champion, Serbia’s basketball level has been in the world’s first-class level. With the constant soaring of China’s economy, and the impact of the "all the way" initiative, more and more basketball coaches went to China from Serbia. […]

Baoshan District Luo Store Production City Fusion Demonstration Zone Planmark is approved

After the listing of the place name research and opinion, the project team has enlarged regional place name status, excavating regional historical culture, collects, organizes and summarizes the planning and surrounding place name resources, and analyzes existing name regulations, and several timesThe views of villages, towns, and district, district, and experts, finally identified the unified […]

The 3rd "One Belt All the Road" Education Dialogue

  On November 11th, the third year of education dialogue was held in Beijing. The Party Group of the Ministry of Education and the Vice Minister Tian Xuejun speaking in a video method.   Tian Xuejun pointed out that in July 2016, the China Ministry of Education issued a "promotion of a total of all walks of […]

2018 Russische media kijken naar "Mooi China, de hele domein tour" Activiteit begon in Hangzhou

People’s Network Hangzhou 16 september (Xu Xiannli) 2018 is "Mooi China-2018 National Tourism Year". In september, Hangzhou, Osmanthus-geur, vol stad, 2018 Russische media, "Mooi China, de hele domeintocht" – Po?zie Zhejiang-artikelen beginnen vandaag. Vanuit het perspectief van het Russisch, Tascad, Russische vereniging, Russisch vetgedrukte tv-station, Russische gratis media Nieuws Net, Russisch Bashkil tv-station, enz. Zijn […]

The international community is refiting the so-called "democratic summit"

  Recently, multi-country media and experts scholars have said that the so-called "leading the people’s summit" is the ideology as tools, provocating conflicts and opposition, with the aim of destroying international order, serving the US own hegemony. At present, American democratic morbidity is full, social issues are intensified, and there is no qualifications in the United […]

Rebuild the border of tourism! The 7th Yangtze River Slow Life Tourism Summit is open in Yixing

Modern Quick News, November 13th, from the news network, the Yangtze River Delta Investment Development Forum, the Yangtze River Delta Economic and Strong Research Association The Long Triangle Slow Life Tourism Summit and the 5th Yangtze River Slow Life Tourism Destination Federation Summit opened in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province. It is understood that the Yangtze […]

Struggling the 100-year road to the new journey · "July Medal" winner 丨 热 心 大 王 兰 – She, let this full city is "orchid" incense

  [Wang Lanhua Injection Group was established] In 2005, she contacted 6 retired cadres and love people, established Wuzhong’s first community volunteer service group – Wang Lanhua hot group. Without a workplace, she took a house in her home; her mobile phone became a team’s hotline. In this way, they will take care of the elderly […]