The change of the red road: the mission is in the shoulder

The 70th anniversary of the establishment of the National Bureau of Statistics, 2019, has shown that my country’s traffic infrastructure accelerated network, and the capacity of comprehensive transportation guarantee has increased significantly. At the end of 2018, the total mileage of the National Highway reached 10,000 kilometers, which was 60 times in 1949; the high-speed […]

The State Council issued opinions to support high quality development of Beijing urban center

Original title: Beijing urban center moved to high quality development (authoritative release) The State Council prior to issuance of the "Opinions on Supporting Beijing Urban Deputy Center High Quality Development" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), proposed "14th Five-Year Plan" period and Development Goals in 2035. "Opinions" proposes a series of targeted and operative policy initiatives, […]

“Ha ha!So I can officially work?“Wang Degui looked triumphant。Quiet in the house,So quiet that you can hear it。

———— First0088chapter Spoiler A long while,Ouyang Hong squeezed out two words from his mouth:“can“ “Well,But I have to explain,Mayor Li asked me to work,Otherwise I will stay in the hospital for a while,I heard that the village is chaotic during this time,You said that as the head of a village,How can i still live“Wang Degui […]

“Treasure or treasure?!”Nightmare Candle King is desperate,Divine power burns,At the same time the treasure between the eyebrows also lit up。

A virtual and immortal force like candlelight pierced Li Ming’s body。 With Li Ming’s will and today’s physical foundation,The souls below the Venerable can basically ignore the attack on him。 Although the Nightmare Candle is good at soul techniques,But it didn’t affect Li Ming at all。 in contrast,Li Ming’s spear turned into countless streamers,Pierced into […]

Xi Zhen glanced at Ruan Lingna,Smiled and said:“Near,But not necessarily pro。Because the beautiful women around Xia are like clouds,I’m really nothing,So I am self-aware of this”

Xi Zhen’s answer is very sharp,A word has reached the point。In fact, Ruan Lingna always felt that Xia Jian was neither cold nor warm to her,She wanted to find out something from Xi Zhen,I didn’t expect to show my thoughts。 The atmosphere of the conversation became awkward for a while,But Ruan Lingna’s reaction was very […]

“Came to the mortal world,It’s not just the Devildom and your South Shura clan,There are many other races,At least I have seen ghosts、Races in the Underworld,Even played against them,This little world is suddenly crowded,The situation is more serious than you and I thought,More race,Naturally,No otherworldly race can appreciate the creatures of the mortal world,But it is these indigenous people who are balancing this fragile small world。”

Li Tianzhen said this,Look up at the throne,But still no response,So he continued,“Before,The Great Asura god promises to step down the entire mortal world,I believe this,Any alien who came to the mortal world,Its god channel method is not something mortal can resist,But this move will inevitably be strongly suppressed by the law of the great,The […]

Cen Cheng returned to the residence,Although one more part-time job,Can earn money faster,But when I thought of going to accompany the wine at night,I feel confused,Feeling nervous and at a loss,Could this choice be a mistake??

I don’t know if it will happen,Think about it,Dizzy,Cen Cheng wants to lie down and take a nap,Can’t fall asleep tossing around in bed。 She knows now,I don’t even have a friend to talk to,Just lying in bed to spend time,All kinds of cranky,Until Zhao Luo called。 “Cen Cheng,Are you ready,We will leave in an […]

A woman in white,Chu Chu looked at the three true immortals in front of him pitifully,I dare not say a word in front of that terrible breath,Let Li Ming’s energy seep into her memory。

Eight full years,Li Ming explored more than 3,000 gods,But finally found a female god—The third state of body and mind。 Such a state,Although it is one level lower than Li Ming,But still barely resisted Li Ming’s mental penetration,But found Li Ming’s trail。 no way,Li Ming had to show up,Intimidate each other。 Although this female goddess […]

Earn money is mine,Then my capital??

Will it be given together the next day??” Liu Jiashan heard Zhao Xiaoli,It is also feeling that the other side has a feeling of smartness.。 “Will definitely give it.,Xu Xingmong’s largest industry,This is still guaranteed。” Liu Jiashan said this,It is also gently touched Xu Qiang.。 After all, I want to make big money.,Must be to […]

Master’s level,It should be impossible to read it wrong。

Nan Lingsha is really the Dragon Shepherd?? But I have witnessed her painting Shenfan several times。 Lai Yunzi is painting?? its not right,In Sin City the other day,Way through fog,Nan Lingsha also painted! Is she alone with both god and pastoral skills?? impossible! There can never be anyone in this world who has both abilities,The […]