269 pirate Naturally, Chen Xiu didn’t know that because he suddenly left,All parties in Anshan are in chaos,Calm and calm on the bright surface,The secret war is likely to be on the verge of。 After discussing that day,Professor Fang also contacted Huang Nanguo to tell Chen Xiu’s guess,Huang Nanguo also said that he would negotiate […]

“Xiao Li,I am the village head of Xiaoma Village.,Ma Xuan,Thank you for visiting our village.,Do you want to abandon?,Call me a grandfather.,This is Xiaoguang,In accounting”Ma Xi Ruo said,One side is a motorcycle that is pushing Li Hui Feng,Then pulling Li Hui Huo walked toward the village committee。

At the village committee,Ma Xiangru is just a look,Everyone is a heart leader,I have been busy。 Li Hui is not a feeling,After all, the village of Xiaoma Village is not very large.,He feels less than a lot of live。 I haven’t been busy.。 “Xiao Li,I will give you a bag of tea.,You first take it.,I […]

Lin Wei walked inside,Look around。Xia Jian smiled and said:“stop looking,Nothing good。Faster!I’m starving”

“Mr. Xia, you are so funny,Live in such a nice place,I said I was going to starve you to death”Lin Wei was joking with Xia Jian,I put the dinner I bought on the coffee table。 “Don’t envy,This is Wang Lin’s。Hey!I should have brought someone to this place!”Xia Jian said,I snatched the dinner box from Lin […]

The atmosphere in the store was extremely tense for a while,This is a life-threatening festival。

———— First0016chapter Life and death Scar face and which two horses,Rushed out of the counter,Go straight to Xia Jian。 Sister Cuilian didn’t expect that buying meat would make such a big movement,She was about to cry in a hurry,But Xia Jian, who was burning with anger, didn’t listen to her advice at all。 Several people […]

Wang Lin glanced at Xia Jian,Suddenly laughed:“You crazy woman,If it wasn’t for your drunk,I hit you both in the mouth,You can say this。Although you are in the United States,Don’t forget that you are still Chinese”

Wang Lin’s voice is a bit high,Obviously a little angry。Ruth has a look,Busy persuade Wang Lindao:“She you don’t know,Just drank some wine,Just talking nonsense,Don’t worry about it” “I’m not talking nonsense,What I’m saying is true”Alice said,Actually laughed。After she laughed,Two lines of tears shed involuntarily。 Xia Jian did not speak,Only then did he deeply understand,These Chinese […]

A middle-aged man wearing a safety helmet in the crowd turned his head,Happy immediately,A smug smile on his face。He whispered to Xiaoyong in a black suit next to him:“Good buddy,Came really in time,Mr. Wang’s people are nice。”

Unknown people saw a large group of uniforms from a distance,The young men armed with weapons surrounded,Just this kind of battle,So many people at the scene were stunned,The pulling and pulling gradually stopped。 The crowd yelled boldly,“They are looking for thugs in society,Don’t panic everyone,Call the police first。” Immediately someone took out their cell phone […]

The two spent the happiest time in the river,No fear of zombies,Okay worldly troubles,No rain of bullets。

this day,Chen Xiu and Ou Sheng, accompanied by Wu Yuanjia, visited a large shopping mall in the city,The jewelry department on the first floor attracted Chen Xiu’s attention。 Mainly because it’s too cheap! Whether it’s ice bracelets or Mo Cui earrings、Ring,The price is much lower than domestic。 Chen Xiu thought it was a fake at […]

Julan’s husband Chen Donghai is a typical example。He relied on his father as the village head in Chenzhuang,It can be said to be walking sideways。Besides beating his wife,Sometimes he vents the people in the village。But then when I met Wang Youcai, this old bastard,He became honest all at once。

There must be no words to say like this“Is a mule is a horse,Pull out“Wang Youcai and Chen Haidong’s fight,But it’s spread all over Chenzhuang。So everyone only needs to advance to the manager Wang of Scenic Forest,The men, women and children in Chenzhuang are a little afraid of him。 And Wang Youcai took special care […]