24-hour heavy rain warning accuracy will be raised to 92%

  This newspaper Beijing December 2 (Reporter Li Hongmei) Recently, "National Meteorological Development" 14th "Planning" issued, proposed to 2025, realizing key core technology independent controllable, monitoring precision, precision, fine service Further improvement, meteorological protection is safe, production and development, rich life, and has a significant increase in ecological good level.   According to Cao Weixing, China Meteorological […]

China Sinochem held a party group will be the first time to study and implement the spirit of the ninth Plenary Session of the six parties,

  Party Building Reuters recently, China Sinochem held a party group meeting, in-depth study and implement the spirit of the ninth Plenary Session of the six parties. The meeting conveyed the study of the "nineteenth Communist Party of China Central Committee Sixth Plenary Session Communique", and arrangements on a solid grasp in depth study and implementation […]

China @ 四 川 | 快 严 严 严 "" 防 防 防 防 防 防 防 防 地区 地区 清 防 天 天 清 清 清 清 清 防 天 清

  Xinhua News Agency, August 14 (Reporter Yang Sanjun, Dong Xiaohong) Notified on the 14th of the Sichuan Health and Health Committee, from 0, Sichuan’s central risk area, all provinces are low-risk areas.   The last adjustment is a low-risk area is the office dormitory of No. 4 Yuxing Road, Huangqi Town, Jiangyang District, Cangzhou City. I […]

At the end of next year, No. 28.72 million rural people in the water area, the population of 28.72 million rural people in the water area.

Original title: Nanshui North Region Water Region 28.72 million rural population will eat pilot Yangshuihe North Province to speed up the replacement of rural living water source, to the bottom of the south-water, North Water Village, 28.72 million rural people will be eaten from Hebei Provincial Government Information Office December 10 Hebei Water Conservancy Support […]

Chongqing High Level Construction Western (Chongqing) Science City

  People’s Network Chongqing January 21 (Liu Zhengning, Liu Min, Zhou Xiaoping) Today (21) Day, Chongqing Fifth People’s Congress opened in Chongqing People’s Grand Auditorium, Chongqing Municipal People’s Government Mayor Tang Liangzhi government working report. According to the report, this year, Chongqing will build a high level of the western (Chongqing) Science City.   According to the […]

Optimistic "Double City Remember" "Group" Chongqing went to Yongchuan to find business opportunities

Investment cooperation talks at the scene. Xinhuanet Wang Longbo Xia Xin Xinwang Chongqing December 14th (Wang Longbo) "Chengdu is the fastest growing area in China, and South Korea’s business is optimistic about the development here." The Chief Representative of the Korean Trade Association Chengdu Representative Office Gao Fanrui was in Chongqing on the 13th When […]

Shenzhen Longhua, a resident, a raw beer bottle for 7 months

Original title: High-altitude lost beer bottle for 7 months to smash a bottle downstairs for 7 months of imprisonment? This is not an alarmist, but just a real case just judging. Recently, the Shenzhen Longhua Court publicly tried and sentenced the defendant Guo, a high-altitude parabolic case, and sentenced the defendant Guo Mou in the […]

Beijing "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period will cultivate 100 "two-business integration" pilot enterprise

Original title: Beijing will cultivate 100 "two-business integration" pilot enterprise this newspaper (Reporter Wang Bin) Yesterday, "Beijing" 14th Five-Year Plan Modern Service Industry Development Plan "(hereinafter referred to as" planning ") officially released.Beijing Youth Daily reporters learned that the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Beijing will in-depth promotion of high quality development in modern service industry, […]

Portugal Mingyuan

  Xing’an League Turki County Turkou Town Newborn Village’s grapes! The grapes of the new student village are Zezhi Ying Ying, the fruit is uniform, the flesh is delicate, sweet and delicious, has been favored by consumers. "I heard the grapes of the new student village. We will come to pick it in the first time," […]

Survey: 70% of the enterprises reflect the overall moderation

Original title: Survey: More than 70% of the enterprises reflect the total amount of tax and fee burden on the 15th news, recently, the State Council mitigated the company’s burden-based joint meeting to entrust the third party agency to investigate the burden on manufacturing enterprises evaluate. The survey shows that 70% of the enterprises reflect […]