Fang Fang shook his head and said:“All right,It’s complicated,Don’t ask”Fang Fang finished,Took out the phone,Called a sister and said she drank too much,Let people take her home。

Hang up the phone,Fang Fang smiled at Xia Jian:“Sorry buddy,Bad mood tonight,A little too much。Please do not mind that,I’ll sleep for a while”Fang Fang said,Lay on the table。 “what’s wrong with you,Treat me as a transparent body。Can’t I do the thing to send you home?”Xia Jian said very upset。 Fang Fang, who was lying on […]

That night,Hundreds of wolves attacked the small county,The imperial army can’t help。

his parents、Classmate,All died in the mouth of the demon wolf。16kChinese For revenge,In order to release the pain in my heart,He saves everything,Seek a chance。 Obsession is a devil,Also motivation。 Haircut for a monk,Take an oath,Let him have extremely strong power。 His blood knife,Can easily kill powerful practitioners。 Hard work,He killed the demon wolf clan,But found […]

of course,The two elders with advanced cultivation still have a way to vaguely distinguish some traces of battle and magical powers at that time,Can’t help but feel solemn,Be more careful,But the blasting expert has no such scruples,Keep climbing up and down,Measure and beat,The very quiet underground palace becomes a little noisy。

Everyone didn’t care at all,But soon I felt a slight vibration,Something seems to be moving under the ground,The vibration quickly turned into a low roar,It makes people feel like something will rush out at any time,Quite scary。 At this time, the two old men are exploring the right side of the Octagonal Star Station,The hole […]

Zhu Lei and You Shilong were taken aback when they heard this,But seeing Li Tianchou’s expression has to be serious。And Qin Bo realized that the atmosphere was wrong,Get up immediately,“The children have something to discuss,I won’t disturb。”

“No problem。Uncle Qin, you are not an outsider,With your experience, it’s good to be on the side to help you get the pulse。”Li Tianchou quickly got up,His hands gently pressed Qin Bo’s shoulders,At the same time I patted it casually。 Qin Bo looked suspicious,But see the other side carefully,No longer insist。 “Before talking about it,There […]

This is beyond Situ Guang’s expectation,Who knows how to make a new debut in gambling is not like a martial artist,Find a master everywhere,Step on the predecessors to become famous。

I have somehow“Gambler”Title,A long-standing figure,Put down your body and challenge him with a junior,This kid actually refused! This is really beyond his expectation,How many newcomers have to challenge themselves,I don’t even bother to send them,This kid is so ignorant! Situ Guang stretched out his right hand and caught it in the air,The empty hand is […]

Can complete these ten questions in three hours,Enough to explain Shi Xulin’s level。

“All right,Now we can officially talk about joining the Quantum Brain Project Group。Now the laboratory is undergoing equipment installation and debugging,About the middle of this month this project officially launched。But if you really want to join,These days, you will start to become familiar with the operating instructions of laboratory equipment。So this summer vacation must be […]

normal person,I guess I can’t bear this kind of blow。

father,Must have said too much。 “I think it’s impossible not to care……But he is already bearish。After all, he also experienced the pain of being unable to perform surgery for three years……Compared to this,It’s just pediatrics!” Hu Yili investigated Fang Yu。 Also know this! Fang Yu could endure this for three years。 Prove that Fang Yu […]

“It seems that something big is going to happen again,”Huang Xiaoding sighed and said。

“I think it should not,The Jagged Blade has suffered such a big loss,It’s impossible to fight again during this time。” Qin Hao expressed his opinion,Doesn’t agree with Huang Xiaoding’s statement。 “I guess it’s the commendation meeting and the next recruiting thing,”Qin Hao said to himself。 Qin Hao directly called a car and hurried to the […]

Li Ming thought for a few minutes,Still shook his head。

Although joining Fuxi’s line has a lot of benefits,But in fact he has no shortage of methods,There is no shortage of formations that can be studied。 Some discussions on the battlefield,Even if you don’t join the Fuxi line,,He came to visit,But not many true immortals would refuse。 after all,This is a mutually beneficial thing。 And […]

He looks down on Fang Yu,But this time Fang Yu really helped him solve the problem。

Other doctors,May not be willing to tell him this。 “Easy work!” Fang Yu patted Suo Mu on the shoulder。 This woman,I don’t really like Somo。 Let go! “Can accompany me to dinner,Have a little wine?” Suo Mu looked at Fang Yu,Depressed。 “I happen to have no one to eat with me tonight……Let’s get together!” Fang […]