De "Xinhua" nodigde de leden van het land uit om zich te vestigen in de vertegenwoordiger van het "cloud" "Yuncheng" -platform

"Xinhua" nodigde de leden uit van de nationale twee sessies om "Yun-dynasties" te bouwen "Yun Jian" -platform 2021-03-0214: 41: 33 Dit jaar is het 100-jarig jubileum van de oprichting van de Communistische Partij van China, de "14e Vijfjarenplan ", uitgebreid een belangrijke vergadering van de nieuwe kruising van het opbouwen van socialistische modernisering. Xinhuanet nodigde […]

China Construction Bridge: Party Construction Collar Science and Technology Innovation

Chongqing Guojiaqi Yangtze River Bridge, which was built by Zhongjian Bridge. How to combine the party construction work and technology innovation to promote high-quality development of enterprises in the development of the party construction work and technology innovation? China Construction Bridge adheres to the "one found five" strategic objectives of China Construction Group, always adheres […]

Bedrukt Collaborative Mechanisme verdiept Talent Exchange

Regionale ontwikkeling heeft voordelen en potentieel, de sleutel is talent. Song Tao Miao Autonomous County grijpt strak de gunstige kansen van de intensie van de provincie Humen in Dongguan, de provincie Guangdong en voert uitgebreid de zakelijke vaardigheden en professionaliteit van kaders en talenten uit en verbetert effectief de zakelijke vaardigheden en professionaliteit van Cadre. […]

After four years, two rounds of transformation, to see the "answer" in this village in Jinshan

Combined with this upgraded version of the village transformation, Zhujing Town Wenhe Village will be transformed into an old-age activities in the 8 groups of 8 groups. "We have retrofitted the old factory building, doors and windows replacement, internal wall powder brush, floor tiles and other modifications." According to the Wenhe Village Committee Member Jiang […]

Tibet Autonomous Region, Tibet, Tibet, IC, "Daily Road"

  On the 3rd "Yushu Cup" Calm Micro Film Micro video contest, the Tibet Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee "Dazza" is in 31 provinces and districts and overseas in the country. The 1380 part of the newspaper has been standing out, and the first place in the Silver Award. At the same time, the […]

Close to the impact of the United States from Afghanistan to Taiwan

  Xinhua News Agency, Taipei, August 25 (Reporter Chen Jixing, Jiang Tingting) The US "Big Soldier" is rushing to evacuate, and the situation in Afghanistan is highly concerned by the international community, and it also causes vibration in Taiwan. Ten days, this incident continues to be a hot spot in the island, and Taiwan’s public opinion […]

Sunshine approval optimization business environment

This newspaper Nanning News "I have signed the land transfer contract today, but also to the construction license. This is expected to save us for nearly half a year, which is greatly saved. Good measures! "On November 10th, in Nanning Economic Development Zone Government Service Hall, Liu Gang Support Project Guangxi Qinglui Intelligent Manufacturing Co., […]

Shandong Huimin: Edible bacteria

  On November 18th, in the modern agricultural industrial park of Huimin County, the aquatic sale of mushroom products in live broadcast.Since the 1980s, Huimin County has been planted in the 1980s. In recent years, the county has promoted modern facilities, focusing on optimizing the industrial layout, strengthening the deep processing, and cultivating the growth of […]

The struggle for the cause of human progress (People’s point of view)

  The trip to the avenue, the world is public. Communist Party of China’ve done is to seek happiness for the Chinese people, to seek the revival of the Chinese nation, peace and development for mankind to seek actively seek a peaceful international environment for its own development, its own development to better safeguard world peace […]