Anhui Province completed the phase of the new crown virus vaccination in advance

People’s Network Hefei June 29 (Zhou Kun) On June 29 After the goal (21.45 million), June 27:50, Anhui Province completed the second agent secondary vaccination target (2.107 million people) 3 days in advance. During the new crown vaccination, Anhui selection has to do a specialization of the national new crown virus vaccine production guarantee work […]

Bank of Communications: In 2020, net profit is 78.274 billion yuan increasing 1.28% year-on-year.

On March 26, 2021, the Bank of Communications issued 2020 years of operating results. During the reporting period, the Group achieved net profit (attributed to the shareholders of the mother company) billion, a year-on-year growth rate; total assets reached RMB trillion yuan, increased by the last year; poor loan rate%, and the asset quality is […]

De communistische partij van China leidt China om grote overwinning en glorie te winnen (internationaal argument)

  De foto toont dit jaar, het herstel van de truck rijdt in het land van Tibet Shannan City.   Xinhua News Agency Reporter Felt Fruit fotografeerde de zesde plenaire vergadering van het 19e Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij van China. Voor deze conferentie is de internationale gemeenschap ten zeerste bezorgd over deze conferentie, de internationale […]

China Football Association: I am sorry about the operation of Jiangsu Football Club

Original title: China Football Association: I am sorry that the Jiangsu Football Club has regretted that the Chinese Football Association issued a statement that the stop operation announcement issued by the Jiangsu Football Club said, but respect the club’s choice. On February 28, Jiangsu Football Club (formerly Jiangsu Suning Football Club) announced that the operation […]

Cancellation or extension of the recent performance activities in Beijing

Original title: Beijing’s recent partial performance activities canceled or extended this newspaper (Reporter Gao Qian), in accordance with Beijing’s epidemic prevention and control work, in order to effectively protect the health and safety of the audience, reduce gathering, currently, major hospitals and The performance site has released an announcement for canceling or suspend recent some […]

Sichuan Mianzhu: Fully start "insects to win the grain"

The agricultural technology experts guided in the field. Mianzhu City Rong Media Center for Figure 5, Sichuan Mianzhu City 2021 Rice planthmur monitoring and control site will be held in Baiyang Village, Jiannan Street. At the meeting, experts from Mianzhu City Agricultural Rural Bureau Plant Protection Station combined with practical, explained the prevention and control […]

Shanxi four colleges will move into Qingxu Troupe

  Original title: The four colleges will move into the Qingxu County news, September 24, Qingxu County, Shanxi Provincial Economic and Trade School, Shanxi Vocational and Technical College, Shanxi Provincial Financial Vocational and Technical College, Shanxi Provincial Financial Tax College 4 Schools Will move to the Qing Xu Division, which has been included in the provincial […]

Talking about cultural stories, Li Zi is a reference answer

Original title: Talk about cultural stories, plums are a reference answer China short video blogger plums’ overseas fans have a high innovation. On February 2nd, Guinness World Records Declared, Li Ziyu refreshed the video website "Chinese Channel" record "record with 14.1 million Youtube subscriptions. In December 2019, the girl called Li Ziyu was popular on […]