As the person in front of you finishes,Watching Wang Teng feels more funny。

Really don’t know? obviously,This is absolutely impossible。 He must know something,This is Wang Teng’s first feeling。 but,In fact, strictly speaking,These things,It’s not what Wang Teng needs to care about。 But the more so,Actually here,Wang Teng felt more and more,These things,I’ll go back and talk later。 “it is good,I hope you better not be related to […]

Miyan Mingmei instantly awake,She certainly remembers,The last picture before the dream,This is the same smile like this devil,Remember,No matter how it doesn’t forget。

Why is this face hole in the horse?,Is it a nightmare?? It is difficult to say a heart,Miye Mingmei after a short and dramatic psychological activity,Glamorous,Directly。 “……”x3 “sister,elder sister。” Gray original prretty,Catch the air in the air,In addition to loneliness,No more。 Be very embarrassed! “Hahaha,Seeing her so excited,I have always had me in my heart.,Sorry。” […]

“Can you tell me why you are so anxious?Not bad for half an hour?”

“Don’t you think this time of trouble,The other party is quite exciting?” Couple looking at each other,Also feel strange,But I can’t tell why。 “There should be a big guy here,The fluctuation just disappeared in a moment,I smell a familiar smell,Can’t lock his track,Judging from the cultivation base, he is a very powerful person。” “Familiar taste?”Gu […]

Although the chaotic power swallowed is less than one percent of the deity,But it is also far beyond the normal world breakthrough。

Celestial West Spirit Mountain,Tathagata Buddha opened his eyes:“Zhulong Daozu breaks through the world,It’s the blessing of my Three Realms!” World of Magic,The Lord of Wind Demon sighed slightly,If it weren’t for the previous oath,,I’m afraid this candle dragon Daozu will sweep them after a breakthrough。 He is sure to escape in front of the Nuwa […]

Definite cause?

At this time, Wenyu is facing“James is handsome”The medical history has been thought of。 In addition to diabetes,There is no other disease.。 It should be the primary hypertension.! He paused a moment,Continue to return the theme:“Secondary hypertension, such as renal vascular hypertension,When a single or bilateral renal artery is narrow,Nephrochemical is amfush and then activatedraassystem,Causes […]


First1910chapter So foolish Ma Yan was finally amused by Xia Jianji。She turned around,Said to Xia Jian in a serious manner:“Someone harassing me,You don’t care?” “what!You mean someone is harassing you?You should call the police for this!How to find me?I am not a policeman“Xia Jianyi listen,Said with a disapproving smile。 Ma Yan heard Xia Jian say […]

No matter what

Is there a conspiracy?? Be thinking,The front five mountain bursts open,Bai Eros, three white disciples,Take the big array with Xuan Tianzong,Seeing the victory of the victory before the Daxiong Hall。 “Respect!” “White eyem!” Divide、According to strength,White eyebrow is a unique existence,Respect, no dare to neglect,The courtesy has an invitation to the temple to sit down。 […]

Xia Jianyi thinks,Chen Feng is right。It seems that I am still a bit reckless in my own affairs,It should be more mindful。When the man in glasses told his backstage boss’s surname, Chen,He should keep the evidence,But everything is too late。

Chen Feng exhaled fiercely and said:“Since we are all clear,Then the old account and the new account are together。You don’t need to call the police,Let’s solve it by ourselves” Chen Feng seems to be on fire,After proving that Xia Jian smashed his tabloid newspaper,This anger can no longer be suppressed。 Seeing a life and death […]

soon,White river will take blood,Check blood routine、Liver and kidney function、Electrolyte。

When all reports come out,Zhou Ye went carefully,I found that there is no big abnormality,Probability is an acute gastroenteritis…… So there is no more thinking.。 …… Infusion。 Bustling people plus relatives,It is very noisy in the entire room.。 The entire environment is like boiling water,Bustle、disturbed。 The white river is lying on the chair without expression.,A […]

“As long as you design,I like all of them”Xia Jian quickly said something nice to Ma Yan。Ma Yan is happy。

Chen Erniu on the side took the opportunity to ridicule:“Ears so soft before getting married,It seems this marriage,The ears are guaranteed to be like Zhu Bajie” “Screw you,If you talk nonsense, I can ask Mo Yan to clean up you”Ma Yan stared at Chen Erniu,Looks a little cute。 But in the village,,Ma Yan is not […]