The tenth mitigation company burden policy promotion week

Original title: The Tenth Town of the Tenth Dimensional Enterprise Branding Policy Publicity Week Launched on the 15th, the State Council mitigated the company’s burden on the Inter-Ministry joint meeting held a television conference on the tenth mitigation enterprise burden policy publicity week. At the meeting, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Market Supervision […]

Just as they talk,Tong Jie and Niu Li ran in,When they saw Xia Jian,He stretched out his hands like a child。See you, Secretary Wang,Shouted loudly:“Don’t make trouble,Mayor Xia and I have important discussions”

“Mayor Tong!I happen to be looking for you,You quickly set up a working group,Which three poor villages to carry out pre-planting preparations,Can’t neglect this matter,Act now”Xia Jian said with a serious face。 Tong Jie said with a little mouth like a child:“I didn’t even have a small gift when I went abroad,Still want me to […]

And Qingxu Jianxian is even more shocked,After all, the object of my admiration will be the genius cultivated by the monster race,And killed himself。

“Three gods,Although a little sad,But I think we have to leave early。。。Never go,I am afraid that a group of gods will kill the monsters。”Li Ming gave a light cough,Reminded。 Three gods,After all, he is also a strong man who has experienced countless years,Daoxin is not that fragile,Come back soon。 A warship straddles the West Sea,But […]

“These guards are really brute force!I took it!”Feng Xichuan joked。

“Get in the car!”I saw after the turn,Cao Anna was the first to board the red off-road vehicle,And call out his teammates。 “Run around!Run fast!Run fast!”After Guo Yinzhe got in the co-pilot, he immediately called for the final straight of the team。 After all, sniper passive talent skills“Calm”Reduce its10%The evil punishment of moving speed is […]

Lu Hao took a deep breath and said:“This can be big or small,On this skeletal eye,Feng Boyuan knows the importance。He did,I just want to give this land to others,I just want to get some money to go to town。If nothing happens this afternoon,You will transfer the money tomorrow”

“it is good!Give money to the villagers on the 26th”Xia Jian clenched both fists,He made this determination。 ———— First2273chapter Hot business The year is approaching,Even get sick。It may be because of the cold weather,Many people have colds these days。 In front of Wang Youcai’s new small clinic,Those who come to see the doctor are like […]

A bottle of liquor,Soon reached the bottom。For Xia Jian, this wine,Nothing。But for Tie Li,Her face slowly began to change。

The wine is finished,But the dishes on the table are less than half,It’s not that the vegetables are not good,It’s just too much for two people。 But through this meal, Xia Jian,He has a new understanding of Tie Li。This woman is very strong in her career,People look pretty,Unexpectedly, I can still cook good dishes。Such a […]

Ma Zuoyue and Zhang Zhiliang’s eyes widened,Staring closely at Patriarch Qingyun,There is a look of surprise in the eyes,Thought in mind:“The combat skills in the secret realm are so terrible,We still want to resist him,Mantis is blocking the car!”

The bloodthirsty sword in the hands of Master Qingyun,At this time it turned into a red cloud,Sensen blood envelops a space of more than ten meters,It’s like a huge mountain,Is pressing down towards Chen Xiu。 Unstoppable! Inevitable! Seeing this terrible momentum,Ma Zouyue and Zhang Zhiliang’s face faintly pale,But his gaze is staring at Chen Xiu,Although […]

of course,Can change,It’s also because Li Ming’s formation is based on chaos and heaven.!

“Rumbling~~~~”This Taoist tree grows rapidly,Ten zhang、Hundred feet high、Three hundred feet、Six hundred feet、A thousand feet。 Li Ming’s sentiment on the battlefield is amazing。Makes this‘Tao Tree’Also growing。 Like an ordinary big tree,Can stabilize the soil。 and‘Tao Tree’,Is the chaos fairy‘Jindan Chaos Space’The foundation of,There is this Taoist tree。In order to make the golden core chaotic space continue […]


Half-fisted Seun in the chest,Shoot Seun away instantly。 Although it was only a minor injury,But Thorn’s fortress was broken,It’s impossible to receive all the attacks of the Sky Monkey like before。 in fact,Thorn as a scholar,Better at defense,Because he doesn’t like fighting。 It’s also because he is good at defense and not good at offense, […]

“Going to you alone,I won’t go,Ten Miles,There are no people,Daily inspection,Daily inspection。”

Leidenka is obviously very upset about patrolling around every day。 “That line,Let’s hide next to the cave,Take a break,In the evening,Go back when it’s almost time。” Kakashi can’t hold him,Had to agree。 Qin Hao saw this scene,Qin Hao is not a soft-hearted person。 In his eyes,These two people are already dead,It’s just a matter of […]