“Hey-hey,The second half is a wife being worn by people.,Brothers kill the whole family,Brother wants to wear,I also kill my brothers.。”

“have no idea,Is it what I mean now??” When I said this,Li Hui’s killing in the eyes of the eyes is also out of disguise.。 Chapter 1222 does not follow the style of the trunk Although Han Shanshan is not a real male and female friends with oneself,But since Han Shanshan promised before coming,Then he […]

“joke?”Guo Yuxi sneered and shook a piece of paper to the young man,“This is the organization chart of your Chaohe Meeting,From the main altar to the branch altar,From branch to branch rudder,Clearly written above,I found it in your office,Are you kidding yourself??”

The young man looked stiff,The thick lips wriggled for a long time.,“Maybe someone who is okay is playing around……” “You can think clearly before speaking,It’s not you who fooled me here、Confusion。” “Really……Really,We are a serious company,Without those messy things。” “What product?” “seal,Oh no,Do not,Seal oil。” “Is it a seal or a seal??” “fur seal,Is a […]

I think I have to see Mu.,He feels some 忐忑。

“The deer sister will not take me.。”Zhou Ye wants to play the days of the Tianfeng People’s Hospital before the deer,I feel some kind and fear。 I unconsciously appeared in my mind.。 A melon face,Then a pair of beautiful Feng Dan’s eyes like autumn water,Also love to wear shorts andTShirt,Every day is youthful。 “Who can […]

“You explained to me,Encouraging Shen Yingjie to break discipline,Just to help you hide a bodhi leaf and a feather in secret,and so,Later I was also strange,Such a heavy guy was transformed by a leaf,Although I know there are supernatural powers,But i still don’t believe,Guo Yuxi and Lao Gu didn’t believe it either,But we have been helping you sloppy。”

“it is good……of。”Li Tianzhen stretched his hand forward,Actually the Bodhi leaf is already printed on his chest,As the life guardian leaf of the god of war,Is also equivalent to the origin of his life,When the fingertips touch the cold and moist leaf,The sea of vitality finally erupted like a volcano。 ———— Chapter VIII notorious Suddenly […]

But even if it is chopped,Fog puppets can absorb clouds and mist around and recover。

Although the strength will decrease slightly after recovery,However, a misty puppet can withstand being dispelled more than ten times and still maintain the top strength of the ancestor god。 but,Li Ming’s attack is more than superior to the ancestral peak。 Under the bombardment of Li Ming’s four short guns,Attack is absolute crushing force,Run over by […]

When Zhao Sikang’s words are finished,Those around,They nodded their heads in agreement。

“The boss is right,This Wang Teng,If you don’t get rid of it quickly,Then we all,It’s hard to sleep and eat。” “If you really want me to say,Actually it should have been possible。” “Nothing to say at all,For this matter,Even more agree。” Now,When those people around,I didn’t forget to say here。 obviously,How should this matter be […]

Suddenly found that the instructor was standing at the door,Hurriedly greeted us,“When did the instructor arrive?”

“Not long,See you are busy,Did not bother。”The instructor looked up at the wall clock on the wall,The hour hand is almost twelve o’clock。 “Time has passed,You can start with one more stick of incense。”The wooden Taoist is a bit cautious,From the afternoon meeting to now,Basically no one supports his proposal,Liu Ju clearly opposed,This is the […]

Chen Sui always heard Wang Youcai say this,He glanced at Wang Youcai suspiciously,Then lowered his voice and said:“Even if you save me,But my family has nothing to thank you for,Our wages are not paid until the end of the year”

“All right, I don’t want you to thank me,After this is over,Just work honestly,Make more money and go back,Honor your mother well”Wang Youcai tried his best to find something nice to say。 then,He pulled Chen Shouyi aside,Whisper:“Aunt Wang said that you know the boss here,Please take me to see him” “What a coincidence,just now,Boss Chen […]

Night in the mountains,If there is no starry sky,It will be black like splashed with ink。The BMW gently got into the grove,Two lights shone into the distance。Xia Jian leaned back on the seat,Don’t want to say a word。He is actually very restless。

The two words of Zhang Teng just moved him a little。Bucheon has such a good development project,Wouldn’t it be a pity if he didn’t make a move? His various projects in Pingdu City are proceeding step by step,He has no reason not to bid。Just in case,Then he might be able to make a comeback in […]

He Jing heard Wang Youcai praise her,He raised his chest very deliberately,Thus,With her exaggerated action when closing the door,Her landlord trembled so much。

Wang Youcai was thinking,Today is a good opportunity,It’s snowing outside,No one came in the small clinic。Now closed the door again,If you drag this woman to the small warehouse behind,Then their good will become。 If they have this relationship,Wouldn’t he be a better boss?。Just when Wang Youcai was having this beautiful dream。 He Jing walked over […]