As of the end of October this year, Hebei Province market supervision system handled 1877 cases of intellectual property case

Original title: 1877 of the province’s market supervision system 1877 pieces of intellectual property cases for the implementation of intellectual property case, 1877, from the Hebei Provincial Market Regulatory Bureau, learned from the Hebei Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, Hebei Province attaches great importance to intellectual property protection work, and strengthen intellectual property rights Protecting as […]

Bank channels have a resilience to the "C Bit"

  China Securities Investment Funds Association has announced the basis of the third quarter of the fund sales agency, the scale data shows that the bank is still moving on the "C Bank", the bank’s stock + mixed public fundamental size and non-monetary market public funds The proportion of total scale is more than 50%. At […]

Chinese cultuur unieke charme Ming-dynastie blauw en wit porselein wordt gezocht

Op 18 oktober, tijdens de 2021 China Jingde Town International Ceramics Expo, de "Koning van de Koning der Koning", werd de koning van de Ming-dynastie, de koning van de koning van de Ming-dynastie, tentoongesteld in het Ceramics Museum van Jingdezhen China. De tentoonstelling was een zware tentoonstelling tijdens de 2021 porselein-bijeenkomst. Een prachtige Ming-dynastie blauw […]

Shaanxi Yanchuan Yuejiwan: the ancient village glow new vitality

In the Shaanxi Luoxawan, there is an ancient city of 756, and the 258-hole ancient kiln hole building is still retained here. Extremely far-sighted, in the mountains of the Loess Plateau, the kiln cave built in a row of rows of mountains, bathing in Xia Guang, the first winter, the Qingping River Village flows. Entering […]

De statistische werkconferentie in de regio wordt gehouden in Hohhot

Op 10 januari 2022 werd de regionale statistische werkconferentie in Hohhot in de vorm van video gehouden.Pan Zhifeng, partij secretaris en secretaris van de autonome regio, hebben de instructies van de leiders van de overheid over de regering van de autonome regio op het statistische werk en de partijgroep en het leiderschapsteam namens het autonome […]

Sino-Russian experts: unity and cooperation is the most powerful weapon in the international community

The subject is an international network video seminar for "International Corpals and Sino-Russian Strategic Collaborations in New Crown Epidemic". People’s Network Beijing April 29 (Reporter Yan Yu) Russian International Commission Executive President Kertunf, Project Director Ji Mofev and Professor of the Russian College of Higher Education, Cards, Dean of the School Oriental College The famous […]

Qingyuan Chamber of Commune launched version 2.0 "Listening" to disclose the "zero distance" for the people

In July 2020, Qingyuan Street passed the outstanding experience in six pilot communities for more than half a year of pilot community, comprehensively combed outstanding experience, and prepaffed "Qingyuan Street" Rajia Chang "Decision Guide" and "Qingyuan Street" Raist Chang " The typical case set ", surrounding the workflow, participants, agenda methods, etc., complete, systematically combining […]