“Cold front,Bring someone and walk around with me,I can’t just wait here,You are all on fire,Suppress their physical strength。”

“remember,Before killing their snipers,Don’t make a head,”Immediately the flying wolf took him and walked another way。
And on the other side,Qin Hao met the god of death。
At the beginning,Qin Hao didn’t keep his hands,Because this god of death is a ruthless character。
If Qin Hao keeps his hands,,Then Qin Hao didn’t know how he died。
“Enter the automatic simulation system,Determine the enemy trajectory,”Qin Hao’s mind showed the trajectory of death,And attack prediction。
Prompt through the system,Qin Hao can clearly predict death’s attack,Know the trajectory of death。
So it can effectively avoid the death blow,Create time for your own counterattack。
But Qin Hao discovered a system vulnerability,Maybe it’s because the god of death is very strong。
Every time the system’s attack prediction is at least three lines。
Qin Hao can’t help it,Can only perceive by instinct。
“not good,”Qin Hao can’t dodge,The waist was severely slashed。
A bright red blood leaked,Qin Hao was shocked,Why can death’s knife hurt him。
“Whoosh,”Just when Qin Hao wanted to fight back,Death has left again。
“Dididi,”A strong warning appeared in Qin Hao’s heart。
“puff,”A mouthful of blood came out,Qin Hao’s right chest was directly pierced,A sharp blade stays on his chest。
From beginning to end,Death never said a word,Wear a mask,Indifference。
Take advantage of this opportunity,Qin Hao resisted the pain,Pull out the throat dagger directly,Go straight to death。
Reaper wants to block,But Qin Hao flashed away,Standing behind death,Is about to hit his neck with a knife,But the god of death takes two steps back and walks fast。