Herbled is angry,Sir, slap in the table:“Good brother,Qin Shuang organizes to surround the cloud,joke,I saw that Qin Strokes took a few times and went to the clouds.。”

Wen is ugly:“Homework,The Frostman has tried his best.,It’s really a stereo to the world.,Talented repeatedly。”
“Don’t use you here to move,Give me out。”
Heroes,I plan to pick up the clouds.,Waiting for the ugly to the door,What what I thought,Also let it roll back:“Emperor is released,Is he still in the world?,Have you eigue??”
“Emperor’s predecessors have been Tibetan Book Pavilion,In addition to the Charled Horde visit once,Remainder,Only servants can see him three meals a day.,According to the belongings,He didn’t……”
“alright, alright,go away!”
Billy’s face is mixed,Since I have seen the martial arts of Liao Wenjie,He is deeply taboo,After the Liao Wenjie started to die after returning,Just get rid of fear。
This person……Non-human!
No matter what,Can’t be people!
“Helper,There is still a matter of reporting。”
Clan ugly entry outside the door,Backward:“These days come,Wind chimodoccism,I have never seen the lady once.,Frostal, seeing his soul,Let him go out of the world will be dissatisfied。”
Heroes have a heart,Dark Qin Shuang doesn’t know how to,Let him manage the world,I really dare to face my nose.,Take yourself as a leader。
“Nie Feng, this kind of idiot,Men’s Han husband,I have a small set of frustrations.,More than his father’s chest is far from his father, Nie people.……”
Biller, a look of hate iron is not steel:“I am looking away.,I shouldn’t think of Xiaoyi to him.,Also,This door is destroyed.,Where do he love?,I am not willing to come back.,Don’t take him all people。”
Silk ugly wants to leave,Biller and open mouth:“How many days have Nie Feng walk?,Do you know where he went??”
Texti is ugly,Baba Road:“Going three times a day before day,It is said that I went to Lingyu Cave.,Worship your father。”
“Lingyun Cave……”
Magnimache,Waving hands to make eggs,A person is yin and yin in front of the book.。
Since ancient times, Tianfu,Although Liao Wenjie said from unclear,But in the horizon,Lingyun cave is his site,I think that Nie Feng has to live in Liao Wenjie.,Booth is like a throat,Be uncomfortable。
斩 草 要 根!
Half time,He shouted to Nagi、bat,Let two people whip,Be sure to arrive in Lingyun cave before Nie Feng。
As a result, I only came.,A question reason,The bat hangs in the action of the last embassy.。
have no choice,Better and called two leaders,Let them find Nie Feng as soon as possible,Start clean point,Don’t leave a body。
World meeting,Sword。
Lock blockade,The central government has a huge sword stone monument,Sound buried sword。
Biller cool love to collect martial arts cheats and the weapon,One is a preference,Two came as a merits,There are two places in his talents.。
Jianzun is more special,In addition to burying a lot of martial arts masters,Another unbained god sword‘Peerless sword’Hidden in it,Say it is forbidden,In fact, it is a selfishness.,He can’t get a peerless sword,Others also want to think。
Liao Wenjie has a flash,Four times:“Also arrived at the brave time,This outlet……”
Chapter 549 It is not worth not necessary.
These days,Liao Wenjie stays in the world will be in the world,Harvest。
Billets,Sky frost box、Row、Fengshen leg cheats sent to,Just like him,Every cheat is missing three strokes。