Eat whole wheat bread in the morning

Eat whole wheat bread in the morning

Whole grain foods help to lose weight, relieve constipation, prevent diabetes, atherosclerosis, and even cancer, which has long been the reason why nutrition experts have always strongly recommended it.

But recent research by US experts has found that whole wheat bread is more effective in the morning.

Consistently eating whole wheat foods containing at least 25% oats or wheat bran for breakfast each day can reduce the incidence of heart failure.

  Whole wheat food contains traces of multivitamins, minerals, cellulose, etc. The vitamins and minerals that people lack in the body after a night of nutritional consumption can be replenished in time for breakfast, which is very healthy.Diet.

From this perspective, the right amount of breakfast with whole grain foods can really help prevent heart disease.

  Oats, barley, coarse rice, whole wheat bread, whole wheat crackers, etc. that can be bought in the supermarket are all whole wheat foods.

For breakfast, you can choose oatmeal, whole wheat bread with milk and fruits. People with normal diabetes index even add an egg, but the proportion of coarse grains should not exceed 1/4.